Alan Gregory Research

Alan is Professor of Corporate Finance at the University of Exeter.  His research interests are in the general area of market-based empirical research.  This interest includes risk pricing,  together with returns to, and valuation of, corporate social responsibility agenda.  Related work has focused on market reaction to directors’ trading activity, the success of initial public offerings, and returns following mergers and acquisitions.  His research publications can be found here by clicking the link above and current working papers by clicking  here .

From September 2001 to September 2009 he was a Reporting Panel Member of the UK Competition Commission where he was involved in a number of inquiries, including the two potential European takeover bids for the London Stock Exchange, and most recently the Groceries or “supermarkets” inquiry.

His consulting interests include investment portfolio analysis, company valuation and cost of capital, particularly for regulatory purposes.  His past clients include fund managers, stockbrokers, large accounting firms, HM Treasury, Ofcom, and the Competition Commission.   He is also the author of the Financial Times book “Strategic Valuation of Companies”.